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I am so excited to be joining the Fall Writing Frenzy for the first time! I just loved how the photo prompt got my creative juices flowing!

A huge thank you to @KaitlynLeann17 and @LydiaLukidis for organizing this event and to guest judge @AReynosoMorris!!! You ladies are incredibly generous!

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Without further ado...


Halloween- Credit: Selina Wing for Bing


147 words

Laurie Stewart Fortier

The cold wind howls.

The dry leaves fall.

A crunch with every stride.

The moon shines bright.

Bare branches sway.

Dark shadows slip and slide.

A costume show.

A candy quest.

Our bags we want to fill.

We march ahead.

From door to door.

This night is such a thrill.

We cheer our friends.

Who come and go.

Not knowing what we’ll see.

Fun and frightful.

Heroes and foes.

Six legs, who could that be?

We’re growing tired.

Our bags are stuffed.

To tote them is a feat.

A final stop.

It’s something new.

Dad says it’s really neat.

We round the bend.

Our eyes grow wide.

What is this magic place?

Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

Above, below.

There is no extra space.

Come in! Come in!

Do not be shy.

Beckons the ghostly queen.

The choice is yours.

Which will you pick?

Happy Halloween!

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